Getting to Udzungwa from Selous via Mikumi

A few years back, Mikumi National Park fixed the road through the south of the park linking Mikumi and Udzungwa to the Selous, without the huge detour going via Morogoro, which usually resulted in a night in Morogoro town. This has created a proper “Southern Circuit” of Dar->Selous->Udzungwa->Mikumi->Dar

From Kisaki, you take the road due west towards the hot springs. After the springs, there is a left turn towards the railway line (this part of the road is not maintained by Mikumi so is only a track). Follow the railway until you enter the park, and keep going for a couple of hours. The Road follows the railway for much of the way, with a couple of ranger posts en-route. When the road gets to the Ruaha river railway bridge it swings north to Mahondo ranger post. Here you will pay park fees and exit the park. The track takes you through fields towards the mountains and the town of Kilombero and the bridge over the Ruaha river to Kidatu.

Satelite map of Mikumi Road

Route from Selous to Udzungwa, via Mikumi National Park

Below are the map files for the route from Kisaki to Kilombero

Kisaki to Mahondo

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Mahondo to Kilombero

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