Dugout Canoeing on the Kilombero River

Just past Ifakara, there is a ferry over the Kilombero river.  We offer canoe trips in a large dugout canoe, so you can relax while you are punted upstream with a long pole. Its likely you’ll see hippos, crocodiles, Nile monitor lizards and many many birds, including the endemic Kilombero Weaver and if you’re really lucky, a shoebill. The canoe trip can be as long as you wish, from just half an hour, to a full day with a picnic on a sandbank. You’ll see many fishermen in their smaller dugout boats and at the ferry, there are many stalls cooking very tasty fresh fish. Excellent for birding enthusiasts!

How to Find Us

Address: (Hondo Hondo)Dar Es Salaam - PO BOX 34514 Tanzania
Phone: +255 (0) 75 8844228

Email: info@udzungwaforestcamp.com

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