Hidden Valleys Trail

The Hidden Valleys trail (campsite 3 trail) is the longest one day hike. We rec0mmend you start at the Hondo Hondo end of the trail as there is more tree cover to provide shade from the sun during the ascent. The trail takes about 6-7h, and ascends to an altitude of 1300m where its nice and cool with tall moss covered trees.
The trail follows the end of Njokamoni trail for a short way, then branches off up the ridge and climbs to just over 1000m where it meets the Njokamoni river just as it comes over the escarpment. This is the start of the Hidden Valleys as you follow the river upstream through grassy valleys with lots of elephants and buffalo tracks. It’s quite popular to have lunch at the Njokamoni river crossing. Look out for African violets on the side of the path, with their round furry leaves and little purple flowers (if in season).

The trail branches up a side valley and ascends to the watershed between Njokamonni and Moyer rivers. You’ll follow the elephant trails down the steep and sometimes slippery path to the Moyer river. There are several river crossing as you walk down the Moyer hidden valley, until you again come to the edge of the escarpment and begin the steep decent down – there is a short detour to Moyer waterfalls if you like.
Further down you’ll see the devastation caused by fires a few years ago, and with no tree canopy, there is a lot of ground cover riddled with elephant tracks – it’s easy to loose the correct path!
You eventually pass through TANAPA’s Campsite 3 near the road and pop out not far from Udzungwa Mountain View guest house. If you like, you can walk back to Hondo Hondo (about 1km) or have a vehicle pick you up.

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