Ifakara Market Town

The main town in the district is Ifakara – about 50km to the south west further up the valley.  It is a long ribbon town spreading for a couple of kilometres along the road.  The town has a wild west kind of feel, with wooden two story buildings and ox-drawn carts sharing the bustling high street with the cars and bicycles.  The large market is full of produce and unusually, you’ll have very little hassle from traders, unlike most African markets.  Ifakara has virtually no tourists and hasn’t been spoilt by foreginers paying over the odds for goods, so people are friendly and approachable and you will get a  fair price when bargaining.  You can find second hand designer clothes here for just a couple of dollars or a large variety of natural medicines and potions.

A trip to Ifakara usually also includes a visit to the Ifakara Womens Weavers Association where you can see the looms and buy some of the locally made kikoi.  You will also visit the Kilombero River where you can watch the ferry being loaded and unloaded and crossing the river.  This is a truly fascinating sight, and really does feel like “the end of the line”.  The bird life along the river bank is well worth a look, and there are some great photographic opportunities.  Experience the local dried fish – considered a delicacy by the locals – and enjoy a cold drink on the roof of the container bar (literally a shipping container converted into a bar!).

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