Mang’ula Primary School

As a paid up member of the village community, we at Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp have a responsibility to help the local community wherever possible. We work closely with the local primary school, providing assistance for construction and maintenance of the school itself.  We recently cooperated with the Scout Association from the UK to refurbish 3 classrooms.

Mang’ula Primary School has at current count 515 pupils, excluding nursery, and their ages run from 5 to 16. Bear in mind that in Tanzania pupils cans till be in primary education at a late age, because children have to wait for parents have have enough funds to be able to pay the school fees, and to cover costs of uniforms, school materials and so on.

There are 18 teachers at the school, led by the charismatic and enthusiastic Mr Frank as Headmaster, and the teachers cover a range of subjects between them including KiSwahili, English, Maths, Science, Civics Geography and others. The school is doing well but according to Mr Frank but needs support for its teachers among other things, and this is where Hondo Hondo and our guests are able to help.

Hondo Hondo is a participating member of the Pack for a Purpose scheme which encourages visitors to fill up their bags and suitcases with essential items destined for the school. We have compiled the list of requested items under consultation with the headmaster and school staff to ensure they get exactly what they need. This means anyone traveling to us can help the school directly, visiting the premises, meeting the staff and children and delivering their donations in person.

We also support regional education activities such as World Environment Day in which we hold a competition, the first prize of which is a safari in Mikumi National Park for the winning group of schoolchildren. Although the park lies only 60 kilometres from the village many local people have never had the opportunity to drive within the park boundary or see the rich diversity of wildlife their own country has to offer. Through this World Environment Day scheme we hope to give the children of Mang’ula an understanding of and appreciation for the beauty of their national environmental heritage, as well as a brilliant day out!

To find out more about Hondo Hondo’s community involvement, please Contact Us for reservations and further information.