Mang’ula Village Tour

Mang’ula is a picturesque rural Tanzanian village. Situated at the base of the Udzungwa Mountains escarpment where the soil is fertile, the village benefits from a very good rainy season and plentiful water coming off the mountains  year round.  Like most villages, the centre is a bustling and chaotic muddle of small dukas (shops), mechanics workshops, rice mills and colourful market stands. Radios compete for the loudest position while tradesmen and customers alike do the same. The vibrant shop fronts are set against the red earth of the bumpy roads, all with the vivid forest green of the mountains in the background.  As you move away from the main drag things quieten down into sleepy, shaded rural life. Children dominate the scene, dashing around with home made toys, or speeding down rough roads on bikes that are much too big for them. Women at home call out their daily news to their neighbours, while hand milling the maize or sorting through rice – all grown locally in the Kilombero Valley.