At Hondo Hondo we take our position in the local community seriously and we are a paid-up member of the village, contributing to all major decisions and a part of regular life in the valley. We work closely with the village chief (Mwanakiti translating from Swahili as Man of the Chair) and the committee of elders. Advice from these community leaders guides us on where we can best aid the community.
Education and schooling is always an area needing attention in rural Africa, and Mang’ula village is no exception. We work closely with the Mang’ula Primary School.

Pack for a Purpose

Make a Big Impact when you stay at Hondo Hondo with Pack for a Purpose!
If you are able to bring out any pencils, books, sports equipment, educational items or clothing for our local primary and secondary schools, they will be grateful.

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Address: 2B Haddo St, Greenwich, London, SE10 9RN, UK

Lodge Address: Mang’ula B, Kilombero Valley, Tanzania

Email: reservations@udzungwaforestcamp.com