Overnight Adventure / Flycamping

Overnight Adventure/Flycamping

Canoe down the Kilombero River, in a dugout canoe bird/croc/hippo watching  and experience the true pleasure of remoteness. Situated on the banks of the Kilombero River, 4 hours from the Ifakara you’re really “out there”, with the spectacular Kilombero sunset over the river, dining in style. Return by car, or cycle back to the with vehicle escort before driving back to Hondo Hondo. Ask for more info.

Mikumi National Park Overnight Camping

Situated 2 hours away from Hondo Hondo, Mikumi National Park is Tanzania’s 5th largest park. Excellent bird life as well as over ten species of large mammal to be easily found. There are also numerous predators including lion and leopard.  Mikumi currently covers an area of  3,230 sq km and takes it’s name from the palm tree Borassus which once grew in the area. Mikumi is great game park to visit if you are short of time and want to do a mini safari.  Overnight camping can be arranged for 1 night or more.

Itete Mission

Itete mission is an old German catholic mission dating from the beginning of the last century, and is located a few hours away, across the bridge over the Kilombero River. It is a truly off the beaten track location and one rarely visited by foreigners. Together with our sister company Wild Things Safaris, we have built a hospital and supporting the school with money raised from events in Dar es Salaam, Scouts from the UK, and the African Space Trust. During your visit you will be able to visit these and see our progress. An overnight stay in the mission is a unique experience.


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